Lingnan University Peer Learning Facilitation (PLF)

Lingnan University Peer Learning Facilitation (PLF)

Introduction to PLF (Tutoring coordinated by students, for students, with students)

Welcome to Peer Learning Facilitation! We offer Lingnanians free tutoring and learning support for their courses. Our services at the Peer Learning Center are guided by the following philosophical principles:

  • The ultimate goal of peer learning is student independence. The facilitator's role is never to do students' work for them, but rather to help students solve their own academic problems.
  • Facilitators aim to help students grow as learners holistically, rather than simply perform well on a specific homework assignment, paper, or test.
  • Facilitators try to share their intellectual excitement and enthusiasm for learning, but they never try to impose their own ideas, beliefs, or values on students.

To register for an appointment, please login with your Lingnan Username and Password. Then click the ‘schedule an appointment’ tab to reserve a facilitator and time.

“students know what students are going through and can relate with each other better.”


Our Peer Learning Facilitators

To see our Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs), please click on the List of Facilitators tab above, and check their schedules.

How to Book an Appointment

Find desired appointment by using the specific course name, subject, tutor name, or desires date. If an appointment is not available, add yourself to the waiting list. For faster search results, use the filter to find an available appointment.

Contact Information

Contact Information: E-mail (

PLF is on Zoom!